#PitchWars Progress 1: the calm before the storm

Deep breaths. This is going to be a wild ride, ladies and gents.


My mentors have given some initial comments for me to chew on while they prepare my edit letter, and daaaaamn. I guess it finally hit home how much work I’m going to be doing over the next two months.

dramatic squirrel.gif

This is the first time I’ve had anything near this level of outside feedback on any of my novel manuscripts (I’ve workshopped short stories and academic writing), and it’s terrifying and AMAZING at the same time. For a moment I stared at the comments on my first chapter and thought “wait, I thought my mentors liked my book?” and despaired.

For like, 2 seconds. Then I pulled myself together.

…and realized that this is what the next two months of me and my manuscript are going to look like

Of course they like my book. They like it so much they want to make it better. That’s what they volunteered to do, and I’m so, so grateful for them and all the Pitch Wars mentors who choose to give so much of their time to corral the wild dreams of fledgling writers like us mentees and push us to be better than we could ever be on our own.



So *cracks knuckles* I’m opening new documents and folders in Scrivener. Poring over Mónica’s initial comments. Brainstorming new titles, ways of introducing my complex fantasy world and the jinn that inhabit it, etc. Gearing up for that edit letter so I can hit the ground running with my rewrites the minute it hits my inbox.

And I’m reading poetry and reading and re-reading novels that inspire me to push my writing to be better (Six of Crows, A Crown of Wishes). I’m determined to make this manuscript sing, baby.

Speaking of singing… here’s some music off my Iron Queen writing playlist. I have no idea how I’m going to balance re-drafting that project as I work on my Pitch Wars manuscript… I guess I’m going to figure that part out as I go!


Catch ya later, 7abayeb!

xo sp

2 thoughts on “#PitchWars Progress 1: the calm before the storm

  1. Hey, lovely! Meep! Nice post. 🙂 BUT you got one thing wrong. We don’t like your MS, we LOVE it. ❤ And you're right–BECAUSE we do, we're more thorough. =D


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