I turned my phone off for an hour and became a #PitchWars mentee & other news…

So, I mentioned in my last post that yesterday I made dinner plans to either celebrate becoming a #PitchWars mentee or to celebrate being rejected and getting right back on the goddamn horse.

Well, spoiler alert: I celebrated the first one.

Reader, I flipped.

not crying.gif
i can’t deal

But I didn’t figure it out right away. My boyfriend–loyal stalker of every Pitch Wars-related tag on Twitter that he is–insisted that we both put our phones on airplane mode before we went out to dinner. So, as we left the house, I did, and gave my phone to him to put in his pocket.

We had a lovely dinner on the Thames as the sun set.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 1.35.56 PM.png
this is from a different dinner at a different restaurant on the thames but i didn’t have my phone last night so i didn’t take pictures oooooops but you get the picture. it was cute and nice and stuff.

The food was delicious, we had wine, talked about all sorts of things, and I only mentioned the word “pitch wars” ONCE. I was so well-behaved.

Then we asked for the check, and my boyfriend turned to me and said “do you want to see your phone now?”

I did. I turned airplane mode off.

And then my phone blew up.

I am SO GRATEFUL to be working with Monica and Kerbie this Pitch Wars! I can’t wait to see what plans they have in store for The Demon King and where this journey takes me!


I’ll be blogging regularly during the weeks of revision leading up to the agent showcase in November, so stay ‘tuned!


xo sp

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