Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #23

Heeeelloooo, yesterday went sort of well!


This update is going to be quick because I want to start sprinting by 8am (it’s 7:45am right now… gotta rush!).

Let’s look at yesterday’s goals:

  • Write 3,000 words (this is going to be my daily minimum goal)
    • ok 2800 words pretty acceptable especially because I had some POV struggles
  • Scene Weave + Chapter divisions
    • Uhm no not yet goddamnit I need to do this
  • Decide whether I’m going to stick to 3rd person all the way through or throw in some first person
    • Going to go the Roshani Chokshi/A Crown of Wishes route and do 1st person for my heroine/3rd person for my hero
  • Unpack and do some laundry…
    • Unpacked a leeeettle bit, no laundry though, much to my partner’s chagrin…

Ok, that’s 2/4 at least! Yay!

I’m going to keep binge-writing today (with a break for brunch with one of my besties) because it’s an excellent distraction from the #pitchwars and #pwteasers tags on Twitter… actually, come to think of it, I’m just going to block Twitter today. I can’t handle the excitement/anticipation/squeeeeeeeeee!

actually me

What about today’s goals? They’re mostly the same as yesterday, with some adjustments (read: swear words):

  • Write 3,000 words
  • Write Scene Weave + Chapter divisions, goddamnit, or you’ll freeze up about moving forward
  • Unpack for fuck’s sake

That’s about it! One of my friends printed out my outline at work so I have that in my paws and I’m READY TO GO.

But before I bounce, a track from my brainstorming/daydreaming playlist:


Time to BINGE WRITEeeee

xo sp



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