Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #22

Heyyyyy. It’s been a while…


Remember how I said I was too exhausted to write in Turkey? Well, that continued for the rest of the time I was there. It was just too damn hot, you know? After 4 hours of languages classes, by the time I sat down to write I always felt as if my brain had totally melted.

BUT NOW I AM BACK IN LONDON. And it’s time to be productive af again!

bebe yaaaas.gif

So, I entered a thing called Pitch Wars (you might have heard of it)… and I hear back about whether or not I will be a mentee on Thursday. Naturally, I’m dying to know, and naturally, it’s driving me crazy. To distract myself in the meantime, I’ve decided to (once again) binge write a new project.

I want to write 70,000 words of my new Iron Queen manuscript by 21 September.


And this time I’m serious! Which means that the daily accountability posts are going to be up and running again… are you ready?

Today’s goals:

  • Write 3,000 words (this is going to be my daily minimum goal)
  • Scene Weave + Chapter divisions
  • Decide whether I’m going to stick to 3rd person all the way through or throw in some first person 
  • Unpack and do some laundry… 

No time to waste.

I’m going to bounce, but have a peek at my Pinterest board for Iron Queen if you’re curious!


xo sp

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