Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #21

Oh heyyyyy, it’s been a while.

I’m in Turkey and have been consumed by work for my language program! Between oodles of difficult translations and 90F+ degree heat (for a while we were averaging 35-37C, kill me please), I’ve been way too exhausted to write.

omg the heat u don’t even know

…unless that writing is queries. I’ve sent off 12 now! I’ve had one form rejection and one full MS request, so I think I’m doing pretty well thus far. I’ve decided that Mondays are going to be my query-binge day–I’ll send off around 5 queries every Monday for the rest of the summer. Or until something fantastic happens (fingers crossed!!). Whichever comes first.

In the meantime, I’m following the Victoria Schwab rule: ALWAYS BE WRITING.


this should be me


This month I’m binge-writing a novella for a publication I found and fell in LOVE with called the Fantasist.

They’re a magazine of fantasy novellas and are open for submissions until 25 August. I wigged out when I found it and read their (sassy af) submission guidelines. Like, where else am I going to send a historical paranormal urban fantasy novella about Arabic-and-Spanish code-switching vampires and grumpy undead Janissaries stomping around fifteenth-century Istanbul and the mountains of Abkhazia?

Remember my Ottoman Vampire project? I thought it was going to be around 10,000 words, but I outlined it and filled in most of the beats… and yes, I think it’s definitely novella material. My aim is ~20,000 words by 19 August, when I leave Turkey to go back to London. Then I have a few days to rest and edit and format it before sending it off!

Ideally. I usually write lean and clean first drafts, so it shouldn’t take too long to edit. I currently aim to write 1000 words a day, but I might have to push for a little more than that to give myself more editing time. A Saturday afternoon 4k binge or two should do the trick.

(I’m also going to eventually give it a less generic name than Ottoman Vampire. Still brainstorming that one. I keep scrambling/rearranging words like “blood” “hope” and “Constantinople” to no avail.)

In the meantime, it’s fast-drafting time!

And you know what fast-drafting means.


New projects give me the heebie jeebies at first, especially when I haven’t settled on all the characters’ voices and/or don’t know them very well yet. So I’ve jumped back on the MyWriteClub train–add me if you’re working on a project too!


Daily Goals!!

My goals for today are:

  • Edit first 800 words
  • Write another 1000-1200 words/ Ch II

Simple. To the point.

Let’s goooooooo!

xo sp

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