Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #18

Hiiiiii I’m late again on my updates.


Yesterday my s/o was off work so we were busy all day doing gross couple activities like watching Wimbledon, but I did get in some work on Iron Queen and began an epic quest for travel insurance that lasted HOURS.




But hey. Ya girl’s insured. That’s important. And arguably more pressing than having an outline for Iron Queen.

So let’s look at my goals and see what I did/didn’t accomplish on Friday/Monday:

  • Two hours of typing up handwritten notes
    • check! WROTE SO MUCH. Jesuuuuus I have so many handwritten notes from this year, it’s ridiculous.
  • Decide on ghost/needs/desires/flaws/antagonists for each POV character
    • HALF DONE. This is tough, ok guys?
  • Outline (graph?) the first book of Iron Queen
    • lol no, because I need the above things first!


So what’s on my plate for today? I’m working on getting my shit together for when I go to Turkey at the buttcrack of dawn on Sunday morning (functionally Saturday night, tbh… I’m taking the night tube to Heathrow, that’s how ridiculous it is), but I think I can squeeze in a fair amount of writing/reading:

  • One hour of typing up handwritten notes
  • Continue ghost/needs/desires/flaws/antagonists for Iron Queen POV characters
  • Send query letter draft to my mom for editing


Ok. That’s it!

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY BY THE WAY. My friend and I started off the day in a wonderfully patriotic fashion here in London by bitching about how shitty our health insurance is. America, fuck yeah.


Ok, enough kvetching. Time to put my nose to the grindstone. Here’s a tune from my writing playlist and I’M OUT OF HERE


grşrz çocuklar

xo sp

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