Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #17

Yesterday was not a great writing day. I think I really struggle with goals that aren’t hardcore word and/or chapter counts.


Let’s look at our goals:

  • Read for fun, goddamnit
    • I did this. Went to a cool bookstore with a friend and dropped some dough on more fun reading too.
  • Type up at least 40 pages from green notebook for Iron Queen
    • OKAY I DID NOT. I did like 10 pages I wanna say? Gonna crush some more.
  • Begin to re-outline Iron Queen
    • Working on it
  • Edit/incorporate more beta suggestions for The Demon King
    • Eh I didn’t do this, because I haven’t yet gotten more beta feedback.


I’m too groggy to come up with more things to say about that. I wrote brainstorming notes for Iron Queen for an hour and a half between 7.30-9am this morning, so that was good, but I need some concrete goals to get me through the day.

Let’s keep this short and sweet:

  • Two hours of typing up handwritten notes
  • Decide on ghost/needs/desires/flaws/antagonists for each POV character
  • Outline (graph?) the first book of Iron Queen

Ok. Time to get to work.

gotta write like i’m running out of time


Have some music before you go! I’m going to be listening to a bunch of Azam Ali and Niyaz as I write today.


ta farda joonam

xo sp

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