Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #15

Happy Monday kiddos.

I_LIVE_Mushu copy.gif

It’s been two or three days since I last checked in. Whaaaat?

Last time I set myself some goals that were seriously not attainable in a day. How do I know this? Because it took Friday, Saturday, and a little bit on Sunday (a rest day) to work through them. Ha.

But I did get all but one of them done! Let’s discuss:

  • Full read through to catch typos and get a feel for the pacing.
    • CHECK. This literally took all day Friday. And by all day I mean 4 hours.
  • Add easy edits from the “things to add” doc
    • CHECK. This was my Saturday. This also took a whole 4 hours.
  • Update the .mobi file and send to next round of readers.
    • CHECK. I sent it to four betas, only one of whom has read my work before (and she and I are discussing it later today!!).
  • Type up at least 20 pages of notes from green notebook
    • ha no ok I didn’t do this one but let’s evaluate how social I was this weekend (birthday on friday night, brunch saturday morning, date night saturday night, beach day all sunday) versus how many other goals I accomplished. WE GUCCI
  • Not quantifiable: think about what project I will reboot/rebegin while waiting for reader feedback on The Demon King
    • alksdjflskjflskjdfskljf
    • I think I know which project I want to dive back into, but I’m going to break all its bones before I reset them. Versus another project, where I’ve already broken all the bones and just need to bind ’em up and throw it into the ring.
HIGH FIVE copy.gif
so proud of myself wheeeee

But ok wait a minute, let’s talk more about the last goal.

I really want to start something new, because as Victoria Schwab says, always be writing: 

“Ninety percent of this business is waiting, and while you’re waiting you should also be writing.”

Ok but 1) I’m torn between the two novel-length projects I could dive into.

One of them is Ruya’s Dream, the one I said I planned to attack in my Summer Quarter Goals . It’s a sweeping magic+espionage+romance+different countries and cities+inspired by the Iranian epic the Shahnamah and a childhood of reading girls kicking ass in big ways and small in Tamora Pierce novels.

Then there’s Iron Queen, a.k.a. the massive monster of a political drama-cum-romance that I have been pouring my heart and soul into since last May… but needs to be seriously broken and reset before it can move forward.

Both of these are enormous undertakings. Which brings us to my second point: 2) I’m kind of tired, dude.

Maybe I’ll just start work on a lengthy short story this week and see what my betas say and take it from there? What are my concrete goals for the day/week? I feel unmoored! Adrift! Flailing! Eeeeek…

(Coffee break)

idk if you’ve noticed but i really try to only use gifs with women or animated characters in them because imho there are too many fucking men on the internet

Ok I’m back now. I did some thinking, and here’s my plan:

I leave for Turkey in two weeks. My new goal is to write the first complete draft of my short story/novelette Ottoman Vampire. I’m guessing it’ll be about 10,000 words, maybe 12,000–a nice break, tbh, considering the other two projects I mentioned above will be over 100k (shrieks).


  • Clean whole house: bathroom then floors then kitchen then my bedroom, before 1:30pm. Crap, I need to get started!!
  • Edit outline of Ottoman Vampire
  • Write 1,400 words, because I want 7,000 words of this draft by Friday.
  • Read for fun, goddamnit


Aaaaand we’ll finally close out this monster blog post with a track off my writing playlist!


yarın konuşalım çocuklar,

xo sp

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