Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #14

I cheated. I wrote a few things yesterday. I edited a few things.


But I rested a lot! I’m still in a haze, I’m still unsure of what the next steps are for this manuscript. Do I let it sit? Do I begin to clean it up immediately?

I need more coffee.

i’m also hormonal af at the moment it’s not helping the i-just-finished-a-novel recovery process

I sent it off in all of its typo-ridden glory to my batch of first readers, and the response of the first two makes me so happy.



i strive to write endings like Sarah J. Maas


The weekend is coming up, and I’ll have a good deal more feedback soon! I think in the meantime, I have some concrete goals to achieve before tomorrow. I also have goals that aren’t very quantifiable, but that I want on the list so I spend the day thinking about them:

  • Full read through to catch typos and get a feel for the pacing.
  • Add easy edits from the “things to add” doc
  • Update the .mobi file and send to next round of readers.
  • Type up at least 20 pages of notes from green notebook
  • Not quantifiable: think about what project I will reboot/rebegin while waiting for reader feedback on The Demon King


Anyway. Here’s my Pinterest board for The Demon King because I love sharing it with you guys, damnit.


time for me to make a second cup of coffee and get to work!

catchya later 7abibet 2elbi

xo sp


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