Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #10

So, I took yesterday off because I’m just exhausted. Now I’m feeling a little refreshed, but am also slightly hungover. And my allergies have been giving me mega brain fog since Thursday. Joy of joys.

deep sigh.gif

Anyway, let’s catch up on my last set of Daily Goals and talk about what I’ve got coming up this week.

  • Finish Chapter XII
    • I DID ITTTTT. It needs some editing but YAYY
  • Export the MS thus far to .mobi for my boyfriend & sisters to read
  • Begin Chapter XIII
    • nope lol
  • Overall word count goal: 3700 words
    • ahahah NO. I wrote 700ish words.

Soooooo not the worst, not the best. What am I going to do today?

  • Start Chapter XIII.
  • Continue filling in beats for Ch XIV-XVII.
  • I said I wanted to hit the end of Ch XVII or 60,000 words by Wednesday. I might push that back to Thursday, 22 June… but I might not.


I just need to finish this manuscript. Push through the brain fog and sprint to the end of Ch XVII. Then I can go back and edit the MS and decide whether it needs the other 10 chapters or not.

Ok. Time to get my ass moving.

Here’s my current favorite song for my WIP. Enjoy!

xo sp

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