Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #9



I am exhausted after this week. But I had a good night’s sleep, smashed all my goals from yesterday, and am ready to hit the ground running today!

  • Rewrite 5,000 words
    • I DID IT. I mean technically I rewrote 4,975 words, but that brought me to the end of my first draft. It wasn’t easy–I was feeling super exhausted and under the weather so it took me all day, but I took my time and I did it!
  • Work on filling in the beats of the ending chapters
    • I divided up all my notes for the last chunk (the last fourth? the last third? I think the last third…) of the novel and divided the notes up into chapters and added beats where I needed more
  • Re-read first 130 pages scanning for dropped pronouns
    • I started on this one, but will continue today when I have the printed out copy tonight to skim for she/hers. My eyes just cross/skip these when I’m reading on my screen. It’s just so difficult…!


Okay. What about today’s goals?

  • Finish Chapter XII
  • Export the MS thus far to .mobi for my boyfriend to read
  • Begin Chapter XIII
  • Overall word count goal: 3700 words

My goal is to hit either 60,000 words or the end of Chapter XVIII by next Wednesday, 21 June. I’m worried it’ll be too short, but I have to promise myself to worry about that later. I end this story with a few questions left unanswered and a romance with a door left open… because have a sequel-ish of 10 chapters planned.

Hm. I’m wondering if I should just tack those onto this WIP and have one chunky book with all the storylines neat and closed off.  Longer manuscripts are usually fine in fantasy, but I worry about keeping it under 120,000 words if I add those 10 chapters… I would have to do some trimming.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it “aloud,” I think it’s doable. And probably better, considering I’m going to be using this manuscript to look for an agent and I want to show them all I’ve got. I’ve gotta bust out the big guns.

abu sword.gif

ANYWAY, ENOUGH BLABBING, I’VE GOT 3,700 WORDS TO WRITE TODAY. That’s nothing to sniff at! Especially considering I’m a bit nervous because I’ve never drafted in the first person before. All my notes/rough drafts are in third person and I’ve gotta switch over to “I/me” for the MS.

Before I go — here’s an oldie but a goodie song from my writing playlist for this project: FLORENCE



xo sp

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