Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #6

Here we are again! My Monday was pretty all right–I burned through a lot of rewrites and got some life admin stuff done. Also I did a lot of laundry. Such an adult.

computer squint.gif

I’m kind of exhausted because I was up pretty late working through Chapter 3 rewrites, but how’d I do?

My goals yesterday versus what happened:

  • Rewrite through the end of Chapter Five
    • Holy shit, well, Ch 2 ended up getting split into I think three parts? Because it was a slow-going mess? And the same is occurring with Ch 3 at the moment… so many new short chapters = chapters mean nothing. WHAT EVEN IS A CHAPTER ANYMORE?
    • I got through 10,000+ words of editing/adding material. Current word count is 12,000 words. And considering I rebooted the project on Sunday? Not bad!
  • Find a title for my newest short story
    • Little sis Chikin helped with this one 🐥 thanks chikin!!
  • Find a market for it and send it off!
    • Well, Chikin also gave me some beta feedback on the story and send me a bunch of academic articles about bodies decomposing in desert environments (#justwriterthings) so I actually need to rewrite and edit chunks of the story before sending it off into the ether.
    • thanks chikin -.-

So, like, one and a half out of three goals? 50/50 IS A SUCCESS in my book.

What’s in the cards for today?

  • Continuing to burn through rewrites. Chapters mean nothing anymore, so let’s say… like 8,000 words? I have a busier social day than yesterday and actually have to leave the house at one point (rolling my eyes)
  • edit the flash that chikin helped me with


And with that, we’re off to the races!!

xo sp

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