Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #5

It’s Monday and all my flatmates and friends are at work and will leave me the f alone to write THANK GOD


Yesterday I got through rewriting Chapter 1 and I’m working on Chapter 2 of The Demon King. I have a lot to catch up on if I’m going to rewrite 40,000 words and add another 30,000 or so in… gee, like 28 days?


Today’s daily goals:

  • Rewrite through the end of Chapter Five
  • Find a title for my newest short story
  • Find a market for it and send it off!

So. Chapters Two-Five means I have 21,000 words to rewrite. I can do that in a day, right?

Only one way to find out!

ready to kick today’s ass like


xo sp

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