Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #3

Aaaaand I’m back again!


This is probably my most consistent post binge since I had a tumblr. Go me.

As for yesterday’s goals? I’m feeling a little less ‘go me’ a little more ‘uhhhhgggjhjhj.’ Before we go through the blow-by-blow, I will say a little something about existential project angst.

sure sylvia sAy a lItTlE sOmEtHiNg aBOuT eXiStEntIal pRoJeCT aNgsT

My current WIP, Fang, is just driving me crazy. I’m trying to sort out one of the two POV characters because her arc just isn’t making sense and it’s like slamming my head against a brick wall. This novel was one of my earlier attempts, and I’ve grown so much as a writer and storyteller since I finished my first draft. A nagging part of me keeps saying  “Look, it was your first real completed attempt. No one sells their first MS. Put it aside and try again with something else.”

Other parts of me are like “BUT GIRL, you only have the summer to hardcore draft and edit. You should bring the project that’s closest to completion to the finish line and get it out the goddamn door already.”

eye twitch.gif
me rn, i need more coffee

I don’t know which voice to listen to. So I avoided writing most of the afternoon yesterday, and spent some time reading Anatomy of Story by John Truby hoping it would help, but it actually made the angst WORST because I couldn’t help but feel my POV character is broken. I’m putting her through trials that have nothing to do with her weakness, but if I change her weakness, it’ll make no sense with the way she was raised and who she is. And if I change that, then the trials of the plot/the problem of the whole project won’t exist.


So what goals did I manage to get through yesterday?

  • Finish Ch 7
    • lol no obviously
  • Write that Flash Fiction#1 gODDAMNIT
  • Prep/outline/reorganize Ch 8&9 rewrites
    • lol no obviously

I, Sylvia Pamuk, crushed a horror flash fiction draft yesterday evening. In two hours. I had a really rough time falling asleep and only crashed at 1am, but I did it!

evil laugh.gif
so pleased with myself

I’ve sent it to my first readers and then after they get back to me, I’ll begin editing it in a few days!

So what about today’s goals?

  1. Con’t to read Anatomy of Story and sorting out WIP crisis
  2. In case that fails, pick a new project to binge for the next month before Turkey
  3. 2 new short story thumbnail
  4. decide which short story to tackle next
  5. read for fun DAMNIT

So that’s all for today, folks! I guess tomorrow you’ll hear how I did…


xo sylvia

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