Accountability, Etc: Daily Goals #2




I know, it’s so weird that I’ve actually posted several days in a row… I’m going to try and keep these daily accountability posts going for a bit longer. Maybe until I go to Turkey? Anyway! So how’d I do yesterday?

My goals for 8 June + HOW I ACTUALLY DID:

  • Briefly line edit/smooth out Ch 5 & 6
    • Check and check! Done and dusted. Self five. Boom.
  • Begin re-writing Ch 7 in earnest. Goal: 1500 words.
    • I hit 3,500 words before fizzling out around dinner time and being useless the rest of the night. Not bad!
  •  Finish flash fiction #1.
    • Lol no. Didn’t even start. I decided to keep writing Ch 7 instead.
  • Outline Ch 8 rewrite.
    • I actually did manage to do this before going to sleep!

So three out of four? NOT BAD. Thanks for the help, bloggy woggy!

i have a blog.gif
u r helpful 

So I’m off to a late start today (it’s nearly 1pm… ew) due to a pretty deadly combination of NyQuil and jetlag, but what are my goals for the afternoon?

  1. Finish Ch 7
  2. Write that Flash Fiction#1 gODDAMNIT
  3. Prep/outline/reorganize Ch 8&9 rewrites

It’s not a lot, but the day is half over already (rolls eyes theatrically). Fuck NyQuil. Fuck being sick. I know I need to sleep, but at the same time I gotta WRITE. Summers are only so long!

write like i’m running out of timeeee

So enough blabbing. Let’s GO

xo sylvia

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