Summer Quarter Goals 2017

HELLO from London, kids! Last week the school year ended and I began my seasonal migration to this side of the globe… and joy of joys, it’s currently pissing rain and like 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Nothing like British summer to get you geared up to nurse a fat cup of coffee and write like a maniac for a month before heading to Turkey!

And holy Moses, do I need to get a lot of writing done this month. I am juggling SO many projects and am setting myself so many deadlines…

panda stressed.gif

So let’s get started, shall we?

Here are the projects I want completed by the end of the quarter (22 September):

  • Actively querying a completed Fang manuscript
  • 5 short stories out on submission (to reach annual goal of 6)
  • 80,000 word rough draft of Ruya’s Dream


So what smaller tasks do I have to accomplish in order to crush those big goals (and by when?? Let’s break it down:

  • GOAL: Actively querying a completed Fang manuscript
    • By 20 June: Rewrite Ch 7, Ch 15-19 of Fang and edit Ch 20-22.
    • By 21 June: GIVE TO BETAS
    • By 30 June: first query letter edited and ready to go
  • GOAL: 80,000 rough draft of Ruya’s Dream
    • By 7 July: complete outline and Once Upon a Time Draft + chapter breakdowns
    • By 19 August: notedump and divide into chapters
    • 21-31 August: 8,000 words a day sprint! Am going to fight tooth and nail to get to the end of a lean, mean draft of the manuscript.

  • 5 short stories out on submission (to reach annual goal of 6)
    • 10 July – 19 August: going to focus on short stories while in Turkey.
      • Aim for 1 draft a week.
    • I have 3 stories outlined and sketched out and ready for drafting, and another 4 or 5 that need some serious work… am well ahead of the game!

Here’s my Pinterest board for one of those short stories, a project tentatively titled Ottoman Vampire. I think it may eventually (inevitably? lol) grow into a novel, but at the moment, I’m going to desperately keep it under 10,000 words. It’s my first experiment with historical fiction, my first with horror/urban fantasy elements… does 15th-century Istanbul + vampires = historical urban fantasy? I’m not sure, nor am I sure where I could ever end up submitting it… but I want to write it, and in the immortal words of Sarah J. Maas, “Write what you love. Screw the rest.”

So screw the rest, I’m going to spend July writing about Byzantine bloodsuckers and Persian succubi and Circassian witches and undead Janissary heart-throbs.

Here’s my working synopsis:

Constantinople, 1494. Esperanza, a newly turned vampire, is separated from her sisters in a shipwreck as they flee the Spanish Inquisition. She travels east to Constantinople, where she tumbles into the city’s vast undead underworld–with no one to trust, no one to rely on, she joins forces with fellow newcomer İskender, a former Janissary, on a quest for a legend hidden in the Caucuses Mountains that could free them from immortality and the clutches of the Cold Court of Constantinople.

It’s not a real project unless there’s a Pinterest board and some Canva playtimes.

bae wip at the moment honestly
Ruya's Dream.jpg

Aaaaand here’s my board for Ruya’s Dream, a trilogy (maybe duology?) I’ve been working on in earnest since I was 22… I’ve barely touched it for a solid 18 months though, but I think the time is right for this sweeping, swashbuckling fantasy romance to finally get back on its feet. Think Tamora Pierce and Sarah J. Maas meet the Shahnama, the Iranian Book of Kings, with a heavy helping of moody sorceresses, dynastic politics, Mongol conquerors, warrior women, and swoony dudes on horseback:

It’s my baby. I can’t wait to kick it into shape.


Shit, I have so much writing to do.

until next time, joonam. I’ll be updating you on my progress and will be starting a series of posts of what I’m currently reading, because why the fuck not…




xo sp

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