Spring Quarter Goals Update + Writing Music: Soheil Nafisi, “To Ra Man Chashm Dar Raham”


Sorry I’ve been quiet lately–I’ve been writing up a storm and struggling to finish up the quarter. Classes are over in two weeks and I’ll be off to London and Turkey for the summer at last.

How are my spring quarter goals looking? Well, not so shit, actually. I’ll get to that in a sec. First, indulge yourself in some gorgeous Soheil Nafisi:

It (and Robot Koch) was my go-to while I was writing my latest short story, which is now out on submission (*heart palpitations*).

But I digress.


If you recall, I wanted to finish a draft of a novella, a draft of a short story, the manuscript of my novel Fang, and three rough drafts of short stories.

I’ve actually completed most of those!


Project by project, how did we do?

Novella: well, it turned into a novel/it’s a mess. HOWEVER, I did write 40,000 words of it during Camp NaNoWriMo in April! I definitely count that a major success.

Short Stories: well, “The Needle Prince” idea morphed into a new project, and it didn’t get written until May, but it’s done! And out in the world on submission!

heavy breathing.gif
i’m not nervous y do u think i’m nervous i’m totally fine

As for drafts of short stories, I’ve actually pulled together two more rough drafts that are really strong. I’m starting to write one of them this weekend! It’s a dark spec fic piece that scares me shitless… it’s a good sign if you’re scared to write something, right? (Eeeeek.)

I’m really need to get back to working on my novel MS, but I’m also glad that I’m on this short story kick right now. The thing about short fiction is that I can experiment with styles and themes so different from those I normally work with, and can grow and take risks.

Speaking of the novel…

Novel: lol, still a mess. I’ve pushed back my deadline for finishing the MS to June 12, soooo once I finish this creepy short story, we’re off to the races, baby!

hi five.gif

Aaaand in the meantime, I’ve got to start studying for my Persian final, I guess… lol

تا بار آينده جونم


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