Spring Break, aka novel research + BACK ON TWITTER

I went to Alhambra on Sunday after queueing up from 5:30am to get tickets. It was so worth it.

generalife, aka where my novella is gonna take place
i just can’t
might have been one of the best days of my life why don’t i have a nicer camera


I’m back in London at the moment, drinking lots of coffee, staring out the window at grey clouds, and battling a cold my boyfriend insists we got while queueing for Alhambra in the cold at such an ungodly hour (smh). I’m writing, but not anything fictional–my thesis is actually due in four days.

*screaming* I’ve been working on it since SEPTEMBER, y’all.

This is by turns terrifying and exhilarating because I can’t wait for the moment I hand that puppy in and bounce around the department admin’s office yowling SMEAGOL IS FREEEEeee

you know exactly what i’m talking about

…but first I have to finish. I’m sitting pretty at 31 pages out of about 40 and have one last monster argument to write today and tomorrow as I fly back to the US (which sounds awful but tbh, I get some of my most efficient writing done on planes. Captive audience + no wifi and all…).

Then the weekend will be spent editing, spring classes start up, I finally schedule an optometrist appt for my poor dying eyes AND THEN, CAMP NANOWRIMO BEGINS SATURDAY!

aw yis.gif
aw yis aw yis aw yis

Hypothetically, I’m trying to finish a short story before Friday so I’ll already be onto project numero DOS of my spring quarter goals. So much is going to happen in the next week! I FEEL AAAALIVEEEE

Besides that, I have a lot to look forward to. Like BEING BACK ON TWITTER, STARTING TUESDAY. I gave my sister my password and had her lock me out back in January as I was gearing up for the roughest 10 academic weeks of my PhD career thus far. It was effective. I got a lot done. I focus well when wrenched away from social media, I really do.

BUT I MISS CONTACT WITH THE WRITING WORLD. So follow me @sylviapamuk and I’ll see you TUESDAY, where I’ll probably be live-tweeting/crying through A Crown of Wishes sitting on my cozy bed in my fave pj’s with a bowl of popcorn and my fave sheet mask #lit

I adore Roshani Chokshi and I don’t think y’all understand how HYPED I am for this book!

Other releases I am so excited for next week: on Friday both Alex Vargas and Charlotte OC are dropping new albums and I’m SCREAMINGGGG. Their music is haunting and edgy and it’s SO GOOD to write to! Just in time for Camp NaNoWriMo!

Speaking of, before I get back to my thesis… here’s the link to my CampNaNoWriMo project, tentatively called The Demon King but probably going to be renamed because ehhhh…

Set in a medieval North African kingdom, The Demon King is a fantasy novella about a sorceress with anxiety who must rescue a dreamboat-in-distress sultan from being kidnapped by jinn or all hell will break loose politically… 

I’m working on an official synopsis for when I go on the hunt for betas, but if you’re already interested? GIVE ME A SHOUT, I’d love to hear from you!

Oh and NATURALLY I have a Pinterest board whipped up for it because OBVIOUSLY.


Ok, wow, long bloggy woggy post. Can you tell how much I’ve missed you?

انتو دائما على بالي يا حلوين


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