Updates: yes, I am alive + Spring Quarter Goals

What’s this? Two blog posts from moi in as many weeks??

eye twitch.gif
tbh my eyes are constantly twitching these days #phdlife

Shocking, I know. I just send a draft of my thesis to my adviser this morning, so I’m taking the day to relax a little bit (read: catching up on German homework hahaha noooot at all relaxing) and plan my spring quarter writing goals.

Winter Quarter recap:

Haaaaaaa. Aside from the short story class I mentioned in my last post, all I’ve been doing is collecting plot bunnies from my history classes like it’s my job and scribbling in my notebook every day to keep myself sane.

I’m so ready to kiss this quarter goodbye.

so done

I wanted to have two short story rough drafts by the end of this month in order to be on target to meet my goal of 12 short story drafts by the end of 2017, but it looks like I’m going to have to allow myself to let that one slide and catch up later in the year. Probably in the summer.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my goals and deadlines! I’m trying a month by month thing so bear with me:


  • thesis due 27 March!! and then the fun begins!
  • short story rough draft #2 (and #3 if I can catch up)
  • notedump The Demon King while in Spain (oh yes, I’m going to Granada… so excited to peep all the pretty Islamic Nasirid architecture!)
  • finish short story The Needle Prince (that’s definitely just a working title), probably between the 28th and the 31st lol
  • Project complete by 31 March: short story The Needle Prince, ready to go on submission!
The Needle Prince.jpg
can you tell i discovered Canva this weekend?


  • Camp NaNoWriMo project: a novella, The Demon King. Goal is 40,000 words. Maybe it’ll spin out of control into a novel? Only way to know is try!
  • working on Fang edits and reorganizing the project/prepping for next month’s writing binge. Edit and rewrite through Chapter 16.
  • short story rough draft #4
  • Project complete by 30 April: the novella The Demon King! Who knows where it’ll one day find a home, but at last, the idea that’s been brewing in my head since last January will be DONE!



  • #1 Goal for May is to finish Fang! Rewrites galore.
  • Iron Queen Book #1 Rewrite Prep–outlining & notedumps for June rewrite fest.
  • short story rough draft #5
  • send out 3 queries for Fang (the scariest bit!)
  • Project complete by 31 May: FANG MANUSCRIPT. And three queries away in the ether!
yeah, i went a little crazy

So by the end of May, I plan to have a short story, a novella, and a polished millionth draft of a manuscript… it’s gutsy, but I think I can manage!

…I hope.

Anyway, time to get back to German and Persian translations. Next week I have finals, but I’ll reappear sometime soon after that!

until then,

bisous habibi xx

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