Writing Music: Charlotte OC, “Medicine Man”

Hello, bloggy woggy! I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. Or about writing. I’ve just been swaaaaa-aaamped this quarter.

Writing a thesis on top of a normal load of coursework, including studying Persian and German? Tbh guys it’s kind of death. With the exception of taking a short story class with Mary Robinette Kowal back in January, whipping up a rough draft for a short story (but Sylvia, did you make a pinterest board? of course I did. see below.), and sketching rewrites for Iron Queen in my notebook, writing has been pretty much on hold this quarter.

It’s sad.

But I have new Charlotte OC to get me through it.


My thesis is due 27 March and you can bet your bottom dollar that after binge-reading Crown of Wishes on the 28th all I’m gonna do next quarter is write. And write. And edit. And write. I miss it so much.

In the meantime, it’s time for me to go to bed. I miss y’all. We’ll catch up soon, habibi. In the meantime, play with me on pinterest?

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