Writing Music: The Civil Wars, “Eavesdrop”

The Civil Wars and Joy Williams were the soundtrack to my 100,000 word writing binge in August that resulted in Book 1 of Iron Queen and half of Book 2.

I fell head over heels in love with the transcendental melodies of The Civil Wars and the sweet melancholy of Joy Williams’ voice in June, and now I’m 100% hooked.

“Eavesdrop” is my favorite song from the album, but definitely the most difficult to listen to. I was all wrapped up in the cozy darkness of all the songs on the album, and then I heard it for the first time.

And I died a little.

not crying.gif

Uhg. It’s such a hopeful, soaring punch in the gut. The ending of Book 3 of Iron Queen is bittersweet (well, if like 90% bitter, 10% sweet still counts as “bittersweet”) and listening to this song definitely gets me in the mood to weep while drafting it.

Speaking of Iron Queen, I’ve finally figured out how to embed Pinterest boards into posts. (I know I know I know it’s so easy but I’m slowing down in my old age, okay?)

I can’t get over how pretty  it is.


sylvia x

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