Writing Music: Skott, “Porcelain”


I’m scheduling this post to go live on Saturday when I’m getting ready to board a plane to Chicago, and I can already promise you that I’ll be blasting Skott’s moody jams as I daydream about my newly-revamped Iron Queen project through endless security lines and the obnoxious press of humanity that is Heathrow in general.

Daydreaming and listening music are an essential part of my creative process.  Any time I’m listening to music–on public transportation, while I’m cooking, while I’m in the shower, before bed–is prime daydreaming time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve let dinner burn because I had an amazing idea/plot bunny/sorted out a tricky plot knot thanks to the music I was listening to as I cooked… eating overcooked food is the price I pay for my method of creative gestation, I guess!

Anyway, Skott is my most recent obsession. I’ll be sharing a lot of writing music on this blog (maaaaan, have I got playlists on playlists…), so stay ‘tuned!

sylvia x


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