Writing Music: Niyaz, “Beni Beni (Aucoustic)” & “Eyvallah Shahim”

No writing music collection of mine is complete without a heaping serving of Azam Ali and her band Niyaz.

5.0_performing_arts_NIYAZ-Azam and Loga color.jpg

My fantasy world-building is deeply influenced by Iranian/Turkic/Arab languages, history, and culture, so listening to bands like Niyaz definitely gets me in the mood to dive into the rich world of Dervish and Rudabeh, of gems and takvims, of viziers and aghas, of goddesses and Mages.

“Beni Beni” and “Eyvallah” are just two of my faves from Niyaz’s albums Nine Heavens and The Fourth Light, respectively, but I love all of both albums. These two songs are in Turkish, and while Azam Ali sometimes sings in Arabic (like “Sumud,” from the album Nine Heavens), she generally sings in Persian. And it’s gorgeous.

Breaking news: after five years of dying to learn the gorgeous, lyrical language that is Persian/Farsi,* I’m finally starting in earnest on Monday!

I am so excited for “studying” to be yet another excuse to binge on Niyaz.

I hope you enjoy these songs as much as I do!


sylvia x

(*We generally call Farsi ‘Persian’ in my university department because we’re pre- and early-modern historians aka mega old school geeks who like to pour over 400-year-old manuscripts.)

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