IRON QUEEN Update #1

Remember when I said I was going to write a story a week for the rest of the year?

Yeah… I changed my mind.

Mostly because I re-read my 100,000 word unfinished behemoth Iron Queen and fell madly and deeply in love with the characters all over again.

tamar & dervish will be your ride or die otp, i promise

Soooooo to make a long story short, I’m not going to do a short story a week this quarter, because I’m dying to dive right back into this intense, heart-wrenching clusterfuck of a novel.

i regret nothing.gif
i use this gif a lot. it’s called being in your mid-twenties.

Now, there’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is that after some reflection and studying the 3-part structure of this project, I’ve determined that it feels rushed and underwritten despite already pushing the boundaries of what is an acceptable length for a YA fantasy novel: it’s already 100k at the 55-60% mark.

And if my estimation is correct, in order to tell the story I want to tell the way I want to tell it, I need, like, another 60-80,000 words… which would make it one long hot mess of a novel.


To remedy this, I’ve decided to split it into three short novels of 60-80k each.

kourtney is me to a t in gif form

Even if at first glance, three novels sounds like a lot, a real jump up from a single novel in terms of work and wordcount, it’s not that crazy. I promise.

Because here’s the good news:

Part I of the original one-novel project is > 60,000 words, which makes it… well, a full length short novel in its own right. It needs re-writing and a little bit of re-structuring, but it has a beginning, middle, climax, and solid, satisfying ending…

It’s a novel.

It’s a frickin’ novel, guys.

And then I’ve written another 40,000 words of Part II, or half of the second book of a three-book trilogy.

So I’m about half-way through a series, just by binge writing through the month of August. Do you know what that means?

That means that I wrote two novels in 2016!


Yeah, I’m surprised too. Who knew? I nearly bounced off my chair in the coffeeshop this afternoon when I realized that, and then immediately dove into re-outlining Part/Novel I of this newly-minted trilogy.

If I had a little more time and actually knew how Part/Novel II resolved itself, I might actually be able to write three novels in 2016… but you know, that depends on how I end up revising my Autumn Quarter goals. And whether or not I decide to do NaNoWriMo.

Classes start next Monday, and I’m going to wait until the quarter starts up in earnest before I determine how much I can take on in terms of writing goals. I might be taking four classes, which could get messy…

But hey, you know what? Writing is important to me. Finishing the Iron Queen series (because YEAH, IT’S A SERIES NOW) is important to me. And no matter how many classes I end up taking, writing will still be a priority in my life.

Maybe I will do NaNo after all…

aragorn deal with it.gif
soz adviser dearest

That’s all I wanted to say tonight. I’ve queued up my first fanart post (!!) for tomorrow morning. I hope you guys like it!


(PS, speaking of Iron Queen, you can go check out the Pinterest board I created for it!)

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