Summer Quarter is just about over…

…which means that I’m sitting here looking at my list of Summer Quarter goals and shaking my head at myself.

How is it already September? Whaddaya mean I have to go back to the US, back to classes/full time PhD work/adulting? Why can’t I just stay in London burning my summer stipend in hipster coffeeshops and crushing 8,000 word writing days?

a week til classes start and the angst is so real rn


Looking at my summer quarter goals, I think it’s fair to say that I got a lot done.

  • In June, I completed the first draft of my first novel, Fang. 95,000 words strong!
  • In July, I outlined and wrote the beats and 30,000 word rough draft of Fang‘s sister project, Iron Queen.
    • (Which I managed to do in between homework for intensive Turkish classes in Istanbul and, like, dealing with and subsequently escaping from an attempted coup.)
  • In August, I wrote 100,000 words of Iron Queen.
    • Yeah, dude. One. Hundred. Thousand. Words. August was a double-decker NaNo month. How tf did I do that. (Maybe that can be the subject of another blog post?)
  • In September, I came up with a plan to edit Fang and began to execute said plan. At a glacial pace, but hey. Baby steps. 
    • (Said plan is affectionately known as our 3 Step Revision Attack Strategy, because everything in my writing world needs a catchy name. And a blog post. Expect that in a few weeks.)

The list of things I didn’t do is much longer.

Cue snapshot from my Summer Quarter goals document:

Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 9.44.55 AM.png
can you tell i rly heart bullet points or

Hahahahhahaa… no. No query letters written, third draft of Fang is still in the works, Iron Queen is 100k of hot mess at the 50-60% mark, and the only sample of an Autumn Quarter project I wrote was for Ottoman Vampire.

me thinking of the trips to scotland and austria that destroyed my writing mojo #iregretnothing

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there’s still a week left in Summer Quarter for me to crank out an English translation/rewrite of a short story I wrote in Turkish in June about Evliya Çelebi… so, ya know, it’s the end of the quarter, but not the end of the world.

Speaking of short stories, my next post (which I’m going to write, like, right now because the blog must be peopled)…

gif asides are kind of my thing

…will be about my Autumn Quarter goals and the #astoryaweek challenge I’m going to tackle over the next few months!


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